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Storage container

HC-Containers is your reliable place to go for a storage container. You will find a range of different containers of different sizes here. Our employees boast many years’ experience in their field, meaning that they can help you with perfect service and advice. We will join your thought process in finding the solution you need for your situation. Our containers are ideal as either a temporary or a permanent storage solution. This means that we can always offer a suitable solution. Contact us now to go over the options!


10 ft, 8 ft, 6 ft storage container.

Ideal for storage on building sites, during renovations, as a garden shed, etc.

Dimensions and masses:
Exterior dimensions: 2.99 m long x 2.43 m wide x 2.59 m high.
Interior dimensions: 2.83 m long x 2.34 m wide x 2.37 m high.
Weight: 825 kg

Exterior dimensions: 2.43 m long x 2.20 m wide x 2.26 m high.
Interior dimensions: 2.27 m long x 2.10 m wide x 2.05 m high.
Weight: 630 kg

Exterior dimensions: 1.98 m long x 1.95 m wide x 1.91 m high.
Interior dimensions: 1.80 m long x 1.86 m wide x 1.73 m high.
Weight: 450 kg

These containers are available in different colours.

Our proprietary transport service will take care of delivery and installation.

We look forward to seeing you at our site, where you can take a look at our wide range of containers without any rush. This way, you will be able to make a well-considered decision to choose our products and our service. If you have any questions, you can also fill in the contact form or call +32 (0)89 47 24 07.

Using a storage container: no building permit required

Our storage containers are easy to move, meaning that you won’t encounter difficulties whenever a situation changes. Private individuals, companies, and organisations are all greatly helped by our containers. Our containers are ideally suited to store things like gardening tools and sporting equipment. A key advantage of a storage container is that you don’t need a building permit to buy one.

For more information about our products and our service, please contact us. We can personally tell you more about the possibilities of a storage container or an office container. Read this website to find out what services we offer. You can also contact one of our employees to ask about our services. Simply fill in the contact form or call us during office hours on +32 (0)89 47 24 07.

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